A massive Social Metaverse, crossed with social tokens

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What is Orbofi?

Orbofi is the world’s first Social Metaverse crossed with social tokens and a general-purpose virtual universe, where individuals, communities, brands, DAOs, and game developers can create their own virtual worlds and their own social tokens. Socialize-and-earn, in the Metaverse.

Web2 social networks are just too boring compared to where we can take them. we’re taking the whole space from 0 to 1

Creating the Largest, most diverse, and most rewarding place in the Metaverse

The Orbofi Land will take 10 years to fully unlock. The only way for it to expand is by having people and communities building it. The HOMELAND is the initial unlocked Area, the starting point of the Orbofi Social Metaverse. 

 This is just Chapter 1. Go crazy, No limits.

Create your own Metaverse, and your own Social Token

A community Orb is a decentralized community space, either open or token-gated, with a Social token (sNFT) that governs it, and a virtual world that hosts it. All co-owned and monetized by its respective members: Token and Land holders. Deployable on  Polygon,  BNB Chain, and Ethereum

Create social hubs and virtual experiences in one drop

You can place any kind of full-blown social hubs in one drop on top of your personal or community world. Invite friends, team, or customers, chat with text, audio or Video, and monetize the virtual experience as you wish. All participants get rewarded. 

Orbofi is turning regular content creators, into full-blown virtual world creators

Explore general-purpose social districts and worlds with your friends, team, or customers

The Orbofi social metaverse acts as a general-purpose virtual universe that comprises multiple social districts and virtual worlds, in different aesthetics

Entertainment, fashion, sports, business networking, Education, marketplaces, and any kind of real-world social applications, that you can participate in, or even create yourself. 

Socialize-and-Earn, from multiple income streams

Earn by Socializing in the Metaverse – Create or join a community Orb, build up your virtual world, and earn from: Social token sales, Land Sales, Collectible(NFT) Sales, and in the future, in-community Ads. 

On Orbofi, Creating a metaverse community means creating an immersive space of collective monetization and ownership, either as a creator or as a fellow community and world member

Build advanced gamified and societal virtual worlds that have their own economies, using our SDK

The Orbofi SDK empowers Unity game developers to create highly customizable  and interactive worlds,  create/configure their own in-world currency (ERC20), and their in-world NFTs.

Every advanced world gets its own advanced economy

AR/VR-enabled NFTs, with a real purpose and utility

The Orbofi AR and VR-enabled NFTs represent full-blown Social hubs and collectibles in 4 different rarity types,  that you can use to create any kind of immersive social experiences out of them, and get people to join them.  You can design your own, bring it, sell it, or use it.

Here are a few use cases

Giant Personal DJ

Place your own Giant DJs in your own Land, that play a list of compiled songs just for you and your friends


Place a MetaStadium in your Land, organize sporting events, display your media, and sell in-metaverse tickets.

Public School

 Turn the Big Ben into a free, and public virtual school, and link your content and media for people to access it                   

Futuristic office building

Bring your office and all of your team members to the metaverse, and host everyone in the coolest office building

Company stand

Advertise your company in all the upcoming metaverse events, and get people to learn more about your brand


Get the MetaColosseum NFT and host virtual tournaments and battles                                                             

Space ship

Collect Space Ships and any other futuristic collectibles, and sell them to sci-fi virtual world builders.

Drunk dragon

No particular utility, just a dope drunk dragon that you can place in your land, or sell to dragon lovers

Dragon Protector

The Dragon protector protects a hidden treasure in the Avalanche district in the Homeland. Owning it, is owning the key. Only on Avalanche

Temple of purpose

Get the Angkor wat inspired temple as your community temple in the Metaverse and fractionalize its ownership with your peers, Only on Polygon.                             

Lord of the memes

The Lord of the Memes NFT gets rewarded to the most hilarious and Meme-based community. only on Ethereum            

Mafia car

Zen House

Shiba the Pet

Stellar Shop

+ Thousands of virtual properties, and possibilities.

Create with us the most diverse and epic place in the Metaverse

if you’re a 3D creator, architect, designer and you design low poly, or high poly 3D environments and scenes, come help us build the most epic place EVER

Some Other pretty cool things you can do

Create your 3D Metaverse Avatar with 1 selfie

Orbofi has an extremely open, flexible , and composable Avatar system, where it enables you to be yourself, or anyone you want.  Bring your favorite Characters, and make your favorite NFT JPEGs as your 3D avatars using the glTF, fbx, or glb 3D file formats. 

Even better – Be yourself – and create your own virtual Avatar with 1 selfie. Technology powered by Ready Player Me. More integrations coming soon.

Orbofi token. $OBI


Orbofi Token ($OBI) is a utility token that governs the economical and incentive layer of the Orbofi Social Metaverse.

$OBI is used to create, join, and build communities, and act as a medium of exchange for Social tokens, virtual lands and collectibles. $OBI is earned by growing communities, building and owning Lands/experiences, and by Staking.

Future Aestethics

A world like you’ve never seen before.  Powered by Unreal Engine 5

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